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Dental ClaimNo one likes to be surprised when it comes to financial matters so we make every effort to answer all of your questions before your dental services consultation. We are here to listen to your concerns and work with you to make your new smile a reality. Whether it is the smile you want or the treatment you need, we know that dental care can be a major investment and your smile is an excellent investment in yourself and your lifetime health; after all it is a gateway to how you feel inside. Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining this kind of care. This is why our practice has taken the extra step of listing our financial policy and information below for our current and prospective patients.

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The term "dental insurance" is actually misunderstood by many people. When you purchase car insurance, if you have an accident, after you pay your deductible, they repair your car completely, according to the agreed upon arrangement, generally, back to new. With dental insurance, it should be thought of as a way to assist you in paying for basic dental needs. It is not intended to bring you back to optimal health, otherwise, there wouldn't be an annual limit which dictates when your coverage stops. This means that if there is additional dental needs, your plan will not cover it, unless you are willing to leave the decay in your mouth. In addition, it would pay for the treatment diagnosed by your doctor, not offering secondary, less effective but cheaper metal fillings that will allow your teeth to fracture.

Please understand that regardless of your plan, the dental care treatment is provided for you. Therefore, you are ultimately responsible for any fees incurred for any dental care provided regardless of plan limitations, deductibles, co-payments, waived procedures, excluded procedures and so on. We use the latest tools to diagnose your mouth for needed treatment. We don't diagnose your dental plan, insurance benefits, or anything else. You will be given the information to make informed decisions about what treatment you wish to proceed with first. Our computer system does an excellent job breaking down each procedure and calculating patient portions. If your plan changes, your coverage changes, or any other information has changed since your last visit, let us know, so we can use that opportunity to update your records. Generally speaking, most employers will offer a variety of plans and allow the employee the opportunity to make a choice on the type of coverage plan they desire. 

At our office, while we will assist you with submitting your forms, our commitment is to coach you on how to need the minimum dentistry possible throughout your lifetime. Sometimes the various plans can be confusing and may misrepresent the benefits, therefore, it is advised that if you have any questions about coverage on any major treatment, that you consider asking us to do a pre-estimate of benefits prior to beginning treatment.

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This article is provided to assist you in understanding your dental benefits better. Some materials are from a brochure provided by the California Dental Association. The key points are: there are different types of dental insurance and not all plans have your best dental health in mind. Some of the less expensive plans, such as managed care and capitation plans do not allow you to select your own dentist. Many of these less expensive plans have longer waiting periods for most benefits and they have many limitations. We advise you to read the plan carefully before you choose your plan. If you are in the benefits department, or have influence over the benefits department, we recommend you consider using the "Direct Reimbursement Plan". It is the only plan that totally allows you to choose your own dentist, you generally do not have limitations on whether certain procedures will be covered or not and it allows the employee the most amount of dentistry per dollar spent on the plan. Contact our office if you would like a brochure about Direct Reimbursement to give to your employer.



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