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LumineerNow you can have beautiful new veneers without prepping or “cutting down” your natural teeth. With dental Lumineers by Cerinate, you can have a beautiful smile that is permanent, pleasant and painless.

Cerinate porcelain is the strongest leucite-reinforced ceramic on the market so your dental Lumineers are built to last. Dental Lumineers can be made thinner than traditional Dental Veneers, many times as thin as a contact lens. Since the Porcelain Veneer in Lumineer is thinner, it closely resembles natural teeth and doesn’t require removal of sensitive tooth structure. This eliminates the need for anesthetic shots and the possibility of sensitivity afterwards. And, Cerinate Lumineers are proven to last over 20 years.

Problems that can be solved with Lumineers include tetracycline tooth stains, worn teeth, revitalization of old Porcelain Crowns or bridges, adolescent teeth, pre-adolescent teeth, gaps, misaligned teeth, misshaped teeth, chips/cracks and discoloration of teeth. Contact us to learn more about Lumineers and other Cosmetic Dentistry options we offer to get you on your way to your dream smile today.



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